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The Power of Aerial Yoga- Amazing Effects Aerial Yoga Can Have On Your Life

Practicing yoga has long been regarded as one of the remarkable ways to stay healthy and release stress.

While traditional and regular yoga is good for the body and mind, aerial yoga has a few additional advantages. It is also highlighted as anti-gravity yoga, has a lot of similarities with regular or traditional yoga. However, there is a considerable difference between them, and that is a hammock. When participating in aerial class, the hammock will support your body; it means you will be suspended in the air.

There are different poses of aerial yoga and also a unique outfit while performing it. That’ cool! Let me tell you one thing that this unique yoga is full of surprises, and there are plenty of health benefits of practicing this yoga.

You know today is an excellent option for beginners and experienced performers, as I will give them every detail of aerial yoga, from practicing tips to its outfit’s style. So, let’s get started!

Amazing pose of Aerial Yoga

Health Benefits of Aerial Yoga

Below are some unbelievable benefits of aerial yoga;

Aerial Yoga-Makes You Smarter

Did anyone know that aerial yoga can make us smarter? It is true; it can promote concentration and memory. It improves the neural connections that, in return, enable higher memory power. By providing strength to the neural connections that are associated with mental abilities, aerial yoga can make you more intelligent.

Aerial Yoga- Helps Digestion

The upside-down movements and stretching might make you feel that it would affect your digestive system. But actually, it enhances its functioning.  Aerial helps to heal several digestion-related problems, involving indigestion and constipation. All these stretching can relax the abdomen and also give relief from irritable bowel syndrome.

Aerial Yoga-Lowers Heart Issues

By increasing healthy blood circulation, it can combat heart disease.  Aerial yoga detoxifies the body and remarkably decreases the risk of cardiovascular disease.

Aerial Yoga-Complete Workout

Are you always confusing between lower and upper body workouts? Well, with this yoga, you can have them both as a one package deal. One of its advantages is that the whole body is created to stretch and move, which remarkably redefines and tones the muscles of the lower and upper body. Therefore, it can strengthen and regenerate the joints during your workout session.

Aerial Yoga- Maximizes Flexibility

The suspension in the air removes tension from the body and boosts flexibility as your practice deepens. Aerial yoga lengthens your ligaments and also relaxes the muscles. Performing it in a suspended posture not only promotes spinal and shoulder flexibility but also strengthens the core muscles.

Aerial Yoga-Can Heal Your Back Pain

Are you suffering from back issues?  This beneficial form of yoga does wonder when it comes to healing your spinal problems. Exercises in it put less stress on your back. One of aerial yoga leading advantages is the decompression of your spine. It is sometimes even utilized for physical rehabilitation. It will let you hang freely that permits the spine to lengthen.

Aerial Yoga-Uplifts Your Mood

Yoga can uplifts your mood and relieve tension. And when you talk about aerial yoga, that exclusive advantage is further increased. You will feel that the stress vanish as you are hanging in the air. It is psychologically as beneficial as any other workout as it aids in rebuilding your emotional system.

Aerial Yoga- Promotes New Body Skills

With this unique form of yoga, you can perform different inversion poses that you could not do earlier. You will learn various new body skills when you suspend against gravity, and your stretches are more non-restrictive and effective.

Aerial Yoga- Enhances Balance

Going against gravity is not only amazing but also gives many incredible advantages. It helps with stability and balance in many activities performed daily. It is quite exciting.

Aerial Yoga-Rejuvenates Your Body

It cleanses the body system and maximizes the internal body’s functioning. It initiates with maintenance the functions of the respiratory, circulatory, and digestive systems. When it regulates your body’s features, then it also boosts your mental abilities. You will feel relax, and it also nourishes your skin.

Things You Have To Know About Aerial Yoga

Whether you are brand new to aerial yoga or a serious yoga junkie, here are some crucial things you have to know about aerial yoga before you take flight.

Practice without Lotion, Jewelry & Perfume

It is best to keep the hammock fit, healthy, and protect you from slipping, snags, or overwhelming scent of various mingling perfumes; it is best to take all jewelry or any cosmetic thing off! Don’t wear cologne, perfume, essential oils, or anything sharp that can linger on the hammock for a longer duration after practicing.

Jewelry, watches, and protruding piercings are the main things to takeoff before class to avoid tearing or ripping the hammock. It is also good to trim your toenails and fingernails. Lastly, lotion, sunscreen, or any other cream can stick to the hammock and make it tough to grip the slings.

Wearing Fitted Clothes

If you are wearing fitted clothing that covers the backs and armpits of the knees, it will prevent chafing and enhance movement in the slings.

As you know, hammocks can tear or even snag. Therefore it is good so that your clothing is also free from any buckles, embellishments, or things that can get caught on the fabric. If you want to avoid irritation of sensitive skin and chafing, it is necessary to wear full-length yoga pants/leggings fitted capris and shirts that cover your armpits. Some people also suggest ankle and wrist braces for protection.

The Instructor Assistance is Must

The hammock can withstand 2,000 pounds, and with instructor help, the aerial class will be easy for beginners.  They are made from a high-density nylon material that can tolerate up to 2,000 pounds. Like a new relationship, it takes some time to fully trust the hammock and learn how to move the body concerning the sling.

Choose different styles of aerial yoga

There are several options for aerial yogis, and it’s good to find the best teacher and style that ideally works for you.  Like, there are traditional flow-based classes that emphasize alignment and adjustment of the hammock set at hip height. While instructors are likely to cue different breathing techniques, it is critical to remind yourself to breathe comfortably throughout each transition and pose.

People Who Must Avoid Arial Yoga

Aerial yoga is not for people if they are prone to motion sickness or have had recent surgery. For instance, if you suffer from inner ear conditions, vertigo that affects balance, then aerial yoga may not be an ideal practice for you. Pregnant women should avoid it.

Light Food & Drink Plenty of Water

You should drink plenty of water and do not consume soft drinks and even other acidic liquids before the flight since this yoga is likely to have any person flipping upside down. It is highly recommendable to be kind to your stomach by feeding it with calming foods such as oatmeal, banana, ginger tea, and ginger candy about an hour before this class.

Soft drinks, alcohol, and other acidic liquids can make your stomach work overtime to try to be settled in aerial yoga practice.

It is common to feel nausea in aerial yoga practice; therefore, an acupressure wristband will help in nausea relief can help as well. Peppermint may also help relieve nausea symptoms.

Basic Guide-How to Perform Aerial Yoga

Buy a Hammock

Unlike other workouts or sports regimens, aerial yoga requires only a piece of equipment, a hammock, and a big strip of silk fabric. Before purchasing it, check the weight capacity of this string.

Choose a Safe Area to Install Your Swing

If you want to practice it safely and effectively, you will have to hang the swing from a 4 in x in or 2 in x 6 in the ceiling beam. You will also require keeping it in an open area of your home or yard. Most people prefer using a home gym or garage area so that you have enough space to move around.

Dress in long-sleeved pants and shirts

Because of this yoga’s high-friction nature, you must wear long sleeves and pants while practicing it.

Have a Spotter While Practicing

There is a bit of frequent advice always to practice aerial with a helper that supports you so that it can help you if you are in precarious condition or even fall.

Before getting up on the Hammock Stretch Yourself

If your body is not used-to the motions or pressures entailed in this yoga, you must warm up the muscles before starting the workouts.

Separates the Sides of Your Swing

You must be standing close enough to the swing that your face almost touches or feels the fabric. And the swings’ U bottom must much contact at public bone level.

Place the Right Leg Inside the U of Your Hammock

For completion, fix your right leg into the U of the hammock and then bend it so that swing remains on the lower surfaces of the leg.

Next Steps of Aerial Yoga

  • You should position the hands at your hip level and then slowly lean forward.
  • When exhaling, you should rock back to your starting position.
  • Then you can try out slightly more challenging moves like the half boat pose.
  • You should focus on the fine-tuning learned position.
  • You must prepare for some bruises and aches.

Outfits of Aerial Yoga

Aerial Yoga Outfits- Armpits Covered

Whether short or long sleeves, you should make sure to cover your armpits. In this way, your sweat doesn’t make contact with the fabric, and the material won’t rub your skin.

Aerial Yoga Outfits-Leggings

 You can go with capris, but when you are in one of the ways to hang in the fabric or ankle wrap, the material may still chafe your skin. Straight-leg pants are a slightly good option, but can readily ride up and make it trickier to place your foot precisely and quickly.

Aerial Yoga Outfits- Meggings or Fitted Shorts

If men are not in pants or meggings, then must wear fitted shorts such as bike shorts and don’t choose loose ones.

Aerial Outfits-Toe Socks

Toe socks are optional but helpful to wear. They will help you climb into the fabric easily; they protect your feet’s skin from germing up the material. Additionally, the sticky quality of these socks’ bottom helps you come to a stop quickly when you keep the foot down.


Aerial yoga experience is overall a win-win opportunity. It is not only beneficial for the physical and mental health, but also the spiritually uplifting feeling of this yoga is undeniable. Aerial yoga keeps your mind away from what is regular and takes it to an extraordinary and peaceful place. 

Furthermore, it also enhances your creativity and even helps you to develop your artistic skills. It provides a rush of joy and positivity. Aerial yoga is acrobatic and fun and also a form of yoga you ought to try. So, take my advice and do it now!

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