Starting Yoga – All you need to know

The start of the yoga journey is a unique and beautiful time. You begin to understand and explore your many layers so you can discover your amazing dance and rythm to your beat. Ideally, this

The start of the yoga journey is a unique and beautiful time. You begin to understand and explore your many layers so you can discover your amazing dance and rythm to your beat. Ideally, this time is utterly experienced with an open mind, open arms, and an open heart, but sometimes we lose sight of this incredible beauty of being a newbie.

If I could sit down along with every new yogi and have a chance to talk to them, I would told them about different terms and conditions before starting yoga so that they don’t panic.

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Choose Right Clothes & Accessories

Yoga doesn’t require anything fancy. All you need are comfortable or loose clothes that will ideally allow you to move the body quickly. The stretching includes a full range of motion of limbs. So, your clothes should be comfortable and loose enough to permit movement, and tight enough to avoid any embarrassing situation.

A Good Yoga Mat

You may also need a good yoga mat. If you’re unsure if you’ll like yoga, consider buying a less expensive rug until you are entirely sure about it. Once you fall in love with it, you may purchase the right mat, depending on the type of yoga you select. Some yoga studio provides yoga mats for free or even for a minimal fee.

Leave Your Footwear and Mobile Phones Outside

It will help if you practice yoga with bare feet. It’s all about connecting and grounding your body, so you don’t require shoes. It will help if you leave them on the outside rack of the yoga space.

Yoga needs you to be present not only physically but also mentally and be fully aware of each sensation you experience.  Your smartphone ringing tone will not only distract you but will also disturb the people around you. You must turn your phone on silent mode before you enter the yoga class.

Eat On Time

Your bowels and stomach must be empty before you go to your yoga practice. It will help if you keep a gap of two to four hours between your last meal and workout. Practicing on a full stomach can make you feel restless & uncomfortable.

Don’t Leave Impulsively

You might like the idea of yoga, but might be sad or disappointed after joining a yoga class. Well, my honest advice to you is, don’t lose your hope just yet.  It will help if you try at least four different yoga and studios styles before you decide to quit and think that yoga is not for you.

Choose Your Trainer Wisely

A significant bit of the yoga practice also depends on the instructor or teacher you select to guide you through your practice journey. It is necessary to practice yoga under an experienced teacher. It is alright if you like one trainer more than the other one.

It is critical to connect with and also understand your trainer. Never hesitate to ask your instructor or yoga studio if you require any clarification about something.

Do Yoga for Yourself

Yoga provides you a much-needed break. It will help if you consider it as a time for yourself. You may find yourself being focused and introspective on you as a being. You may feel this more and more as you continue your yoga practice.

Indulge in what feels right and also explore yourself, so that you can discover something new about yourself each time you get on the yoga mat. Every person’s body is different from others, so do what feels pleasant and comfortable for you.

Be Aware of Your Breathe

The breathing and postures go hand in hand. It is important to focus on your breath and coordinate the movements each time you inhale and exhale. Breathing helps you change your attention to your mind and relax the body. Keep reminding yourself that you will be able to progress better when you keep focusing on your breathing.

Yoga Nidra

Yoga Nidra is a beneficial technique that permits deep relaxation. It works on the mental, physical, and spiritual levels, and allows a person to expand and deepen his inner peace. It is a method we could all utilize to instill tranquility in our tedious and stressful lives.


It is a life force that consists of yogic breathing techniques. These are utilized as efficient tools for both the mind’s preparation for meditation and stress management.

Don’t Force a Pose

You need to listen to your body. While it is significant to push yourself to progress, but if your body says no, then listen to it and stop quickly. Yoga is something about breaking free of inhibitions or barriers and not leading to pain.

 Also, you should gradually progress. You cannot achieve a pose ultimately, but you can work for it. It is necessary to do each pose with intention and integrity that builds character off the mat and in your daily life.


All this information for a new yogi, but every person who has any desire to start yoga practice will benefit from these unique tips. These are maybe simple, but their results are beyond your imaginations. Try them and make your life worth living and share your experience with by commenting below. I love to hear about your experience with yoga. Thank You!

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