Breaking bad habits

How to Break Bad Habits

Bad habits like smoking, overeating, drinking, and leading a stressful & unproductive life can profoundly affect your health and longevity.

Breaking bad habits

I know very well break your bad habits is not an easy task, but you have to do it.

Thinking about my past life when I was at an edge to become a chain smoker but I realized it is not suitable for me and do whatever I could do to avoid smoking because I need good health to live a healthy life with my loved one.  Exercise & workouts helped me to achieve my goal.

Today, I’ll talk about some of your bad habits & how you can skip them!

Avoid Overeating Fast Foods & Restaurants Meals

A steady diet of fries and double cheeseburger washed down with oversized sodas can cause a growing waistline and increasing risks of health issues such as diabetes and heart disease that come with it. Trans fats in restaurant meals & fast foods increase LDL cholesterol & triglycerides that enhance inflammation & lead to blockage in blood vessels.

How to Break It

  • Avoid fried foods & restaurants sugary or salty foods
  • If you have a massive craze for them, then use salad with a minimum quantity of it
  • Replace sodas & milkshakes with water
  • Try the exercise & workouts to keep you fit like; weight training, yoga, cycling walking, jogging, and weightlifting to burn unwanted fats from your body and lose weight.

Change the Behavior That Leaves You Worried, Stressed & Angry

Unhappy lifestyles release a maximum number of stress hormones that enhance the blood sugar and blood pressure, lowering slow digestion and lower immunity. It makes you feel downright mean & depressed. Girls overeat chocolate and other food to uplift their moods, which can lead to an increased chance of obesity.

How to Break It

  • A regained sense of control and joy is worth its weight in gold and also improves physical health.
  • Among the most proven stress-relieving exercises or techniques are meditation, deep breathing, light exercise & yoga.

Avoid Drinking Too Much Alcohol

If you consume too much alcohol daily, it can be poison for you. Women who regularly drink two or more pegs & men who frequently down three or more are at a higher risk at certain cancers such as liver or mouth, liver damage & depression.

How to Break It

  • Only drink for flavor and avoid over consumption
  • Do regular exercise & do workouts in the gym; they will improve your stamina of living without drinking.

Leave the Smoking Cigarettes

Smoking is very harmful to your health as it is the leading cause of 30 % cancer deaths, 30 % heart disease deaths & a massive 80 to 90 % of all lung cancer. It also enhances your risk of four throats, mouth & bladder cancer.

How to Break It

  • Consult your doctor and start using stop-smoking medicine like a nicotine patch, buprion, & varenicline.
  • Seek supports from your loved ones, it something I did in the past, and it helped me a lot.

Overusing Sedatives & Painkillers

Long-term regular usage of prescription pain killers can cause addiction and lead to more problems than solves. Even OTC drugs such as ibuprofen or aspirin for muscle pain & arthritis can lead to increased risk of ulcer, high blood pressure, & gastrointestinal bleeding.

How to Break It

  • New pain-relief techniques can ease joint, muscle, & head pain with a fewer pill or drawbacks.
  • For chronic pain, ask medical experts or doctors about switching to acetaminophen because it does not raise blood pressure like ibuprofen & aspirin.
  • Regular workouts are also beneficial in this case.


You can see it is not too late to reverse & fix your worst habits like using gadgets, skipping exercise, overeating & many more. You should immediately follow my tips & start living a happier or healthier life. If you have any such type of experience, then kindly share with us; we love to see how you break your bad habits. Thank You!

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